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Persian Kabobs

All kabobs are served with plain basmati rice or lavash bread, and fire-roasted tomato.

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9. Barg Kabob- کباب برگ

Marinated leaves of filet mignon deliciously tender to satisfy the most royal of taste buds.

$ 20.95
18. Fire Broiled filet of Salmon- کباب ماهی آزاد $ 18.95
17. Triple House Special- مخصوص ساقی

Joojeh (chicken), Barg (filet mignon), and koobideh (ground beef).

$ 36.95
16. Koobideh Kabob- کباب کوبيده

Ground beef deliciously seasoned with Onion & Our special spices.

$ 12.95
15. Joojeh Kabob- کباب ران مرغ

Tender Cubes of marinated chicken thighs.

$ 13.95
14. Chicken with Bones Kabob

Flavored in saffron and lemon.

$ 16.95
13. Chicken Breast Kabob-کباب سينه مرغ

Tender young chicken breast, marinated in Our special sauce.

$ 16.95
12. Chenjeh Kabob

Beef filet, marinated in delightful seasonings.

$ 19.95
11. Barreh Kabob- کباب بره

Cubed, marinated lamb filet, Seasoned to perfection.

$ 19.95
10. Shishlik Kabob

Rack of lamb, marinated in our chefs secret Persian sauce.

$ 20.95